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Safe, reliable and accessible transportation to meet your needs

As an enabler for health care, Helping Hands provides our clients with specialized, affordable transportation services, capable of meeting various mobility needs. With access to passenger vehicles, vans and wheelchair vehicles, Helping Hands provides well-trained and knowledgeable transportation service workers, to meet the individual needs of our clients. Service is available for both local and distance destinations for medical appointments, personal errands or social engagements throughout the province. Transportation escorts are welcome to attend at no additional cost.

“My children are so happy I am getting to my appointments safely. The drivers are friendly and helpful.” says Bella G. of Orillia

Affordable Transportation for Seniors & Adults

with Physical Disabilities

$6.00 for a one way ride and $6.00 for additional destinations, within the City of Orillia limits (HST exempt). Transportation rates will be calculated individually, according to your address and your destination(s) for township catchment areas and for out of town destinations. There is no additional charge for an accompanying transportation escort.

Clients are responsible for any parking fees that may be required, at the time of their ride.

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Aged 65 or greater, or adults over 18 years of age, facing mobility limitations (defined as: physical limitation including vision, hearing, wheelchair or mobility aid, or medical conditions limiting mobility) residing in Helping Hands’ catchment area.   Please contact Helping Hands for service availability in your area. Wheelchairs may not be wider than 34 inches / 86.36 cm and must be secured in a forward-facing position, secured with a lap belt.

Those, in the above groups, unable to access their own source of transportation either through their own vehicle, family members or public sources of transportation are eligible for this service.

Clients falling outside the above criteria may be reviewed and approved by our Director of Operations or designate, on an individual basis.

For further information on qualifying for Transportation, and for service availability in your area,  please contact our Client Intake Planner.

Helping Hands is a proud member of the new Community Transportation Link, or CT Link


What is the CT Link? The CT Link is a network of community-based transportation service providers developing a web-based Portal that they will use to identify opportunities to pool transportation resources between agencies.

The CT Link will improve mobility options for people using community-based transportation services, such as seniors, people living with disabilities and/or medical concerns, and people on fixed incomes, by increasing their transportation opportunities. The CT Link will provide an opportunity for agencies to maximize their resources to serve our communities and region as effectively as possible, through collaboration and innovation.  Our clients will be able to take advantage of this Portal by simply being enrolled with Helping Hands for Transportation service.  Coordination of transportation services will still be entirely managed by the staff of Helping Hands and our clients will be provided with greater options in transportation by having access to this pool of vehicles across the region.  Clients may elect not to participate in the Portal as well.

Download the CT Link brochure