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Quality Improvement Program Framework

Quality Improvement is a formal approach to the analysis of performance and systematic efforts to improve it.

The Quality Improvement Program (QIP) is designed specifically to address concerns, suggestions and compliments from clients and/or caregivers about our services and/or employees. Here at Helping Hands, we value expressed constructive feedback to assist us with improving our processes, as part of the continuum of care.

This also helps us to streamline services in all departments, providing the most efficient and effective care possible.

The goal of the Quality Improvement Program is to better our agency as a whole, by providing a holistic approach to client care. It is designed to enhance the client experience by reinforcing our Mission and Vision, in all facets of Helping Hands’ operations and services.

A systematic approach to improving quality and performance includes the following elements: monitoring, assessment, action, evaluation and feedback.

It includes information gathering, assessment, investigating, reporting and follow up of concerns, suggestions and compliments from clients, caregivers and employees.

QIP Committee Members Roles and Responsibilities

QIP Committee Members Roles and Responsibilities
Lead Trainer, Cheryl Stubbings QIP officer, field client QIP calls, investigate concerns/issues, fill out and forward PDSA form to the Committee, make recommendations for system improvements, report back to original source where applicable, track QIP trends and report to Vice President of Client Services
Client Navigator, Janice Rymill Participate in process improvements, acts as Back up QIP officer
Client First Response, Kate O’Brien Secretary minute taker, participate in process improvements
Intake Planner, Natalie Parliament Service agreement updates, assist with and participate in process improvements
CT LINK Transportation Coordinator,  Craig Jones Policy Lead, Committee Chair person, participate in process improvements
Muskoka Sub-Region Coordinator,  Anna Anderson Committee Co-chair, participate in process improvements
Couchiching Sub-Region Coordinator, Vickie Scott Framework development and control, participate in process improvements
Vice President Of Client Services, Terri Soukup Oversight, Advisory, reporting to CEO/Board

The Committee will meet monthly for the first six months to assist with setting benchmarks, review reports, and prepare monthly summary reports for the Vice President of of Client Services.

At each meeting, the committee will review all PDCA forms, after being identified. The committee will review outcomes and recommendations, before signing off.

At the six month mark, the committee will review and evaluate the policies and framework, to make any necessary changes, at which point the committee will set quarterly meetings. After the first evaluation at the six month mark, the committee will review processes, policies and framework annually.

The QIP Officer’s role is defined as being the main point of contact for clients to make safe complaints/suggestions for improvement. The QIP Officer will investigate concerns/issues, fill out and forward the PDCA form, make recommendations for system improvements, report back to original source where applicable, and track QIP trends to DC, monthly.

Nature of Calls

All calls will be categorized by the Nature of the Call; concerns/complaints, suggestions, and compliments. Under the concern/complaint category there are three sub-categories: green, yellow and red. These sub-categories determine the Severity of the Call. These calls will be broken into 4 categories for trending purposes: Service Delivery, Job Performance, Product i.e. Meals and Operating System.

Client Protection & Safeguards

Helping Hands has developed policies and procedures that support a standardized and collaborative approach to planning, respectful of clients’ rights and privacy. Please see appendix B and C.

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