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Client Charter


Clients can expect that:

  1. They can include their ‘family’ – however they wish it defined – as an equal partner in the formal care team that supports them;
  2. A Care Coordinator and Intake Planner will work with the client and family to identify their needs and the most appropriate services to meet those needs;
  3. The Care Coordinator and primary care providers will communicate regularly and in a timely fashion. Where appropriate, technology will be used to facilitate timely and ongoing communication among members of the ‘Circle of Care’;
  4. Care plans will include an assessment and documentation of the family’s capacity to provide care and ensure appropriate supports are provided to avoid caregiver burnout;
  5. There will be clear communication about what services to expect from our publicly-funded service and easy access to information about those services and eligibility criteria through a single point of contact and website;
  6. Home and community care will include coordination of both clinical and non-clinical supports that help maintain independence including homemaking, meal preparation, supportive housing, transportation and respite services for caregivers;
  7. The ability to access or use privately-funded services will not affect an individual’s eligibility for publicly-funded services, depending on the program;
  8. To the degree possible, the number of service agencies assigned to provide care will be minimized, and where there are multiple agencies involved, our agency will strive to provide a single Intake Planner to ensure the integrated provision of services;
  9. Where possible, a single, integrated Client Record containing relevant personal health information and a Client Care Plan will be accessible, on an as-needed basis, to every member of ‘Circle of Care’, including the client and the family;
  10. Privacy is ensured by allowing the client to authorize access to specific members of the ‘Circle of Care’;
  11. Care in the home will be respectful of cultural values and traditions;
  12. A timely and transparent appeals or remediation process will be available if the system does not deliver what the family expected. Please see our Quality Improvement Process, available from your Care Coordinator or on our website.